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    1. CSG Safeguards China’s Grain Growth

      信息來源:  發布時間2022-02-28

      At present, as spring ploughing and planting are being carried out in Guangxi, CSG Guangxi Subsidiary staff fully supports the power usage of agricultural modernization. Staff of the Power Supply Bureau visits Xi Village, Suwei Town, Jiangnan District, Nanning City, Guangxi, to provide guidance on the heat preservation by power at the watermelon seedling greenhouses.

      Guangzhou - When Rain Water comes, people are busy with spring ploughing. At present, preparations for spring ploughing are gradually being carried out from south to north across China, which is vital to ensure good harvests throughout the whole year.
      With timely monitoring of ever increasing power demands across numerous agricultural enterprises, irrigation and planting, all units throughout China Southern Power Grid have formulated power security measures, including strengthening the power grids in key agricultural rural areas, adopting advanced technology such as intelligent inspection by drones and organizing special patrols and inspections to assure the power demands of rural residents.
      Adequate agricultural materials storage guarantees spring ploughing. To safeguard power for production of agricultural materials such as fertilizers and pesticides, all units of China Southern Power Grid followed the tracking of power usage of the fertilizer and other key manufacturing enterprises and arranged a “green channel” to ensure access to power for spring ploughing.
      The Guandong Foshan Qingshang Fertilizer Manufacturing Co. Ltd., with an annual production of fertilizer up to 200,000 tons, is a major power consumer in Baini Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City.
      Currently, the Shanshui Power Supply Bureau of CSG Guangdong Subsidiary adopts the “Land-Air Fight” mode to monitor the power consumption of the Company.
      “Reliable power supplies guarantees our manufacturing at full capacity in the golden period,” said Liu Yong, the chief electric engineer of the Xiang Feng Industrial Group Co. Ltd., who expressed his gratitude to the senior managers of the Kunming Power Supply Bureau of CSG Yunnan Subsidiary for its high-quality services.

      Staff of the Yuanyang Power Supply Bureau of CSG Yunnan Subsidiary are in the fields for a special inspection on agricultural power lines.

      The Xiang Feng Industrial Group Co. Ltd. is a large manufacturer of phosphatic compound fertilizer with an annual production of phosphate compound fertilizer products up to 2.65 million tons.
      Adequate power facilitates the seed industry as just after the annual Spring Festival, the agronomists in National Seed Breeding Base in Hainan Province were busy carrying out extensive crossbreeding trials. Service team members of the Sanya Bureau of CSG Hainan Subsidiary, paid courtesy visits to 41 agricultural science institutions in the base and assisted with the inspection and maintenance of key production equipment such as grain dryers and threshing machines to eliminate electrical hazards.
      “Whether it is the early construction or later environmental protection and intelligent operation, the Power Supply Bureau always serves our power needs.” said the director of the base.
      Advanced technologies ensure timely spring ploughing as “Ten-Million Mu of Paddy Fields” is a national large-scale paddy planting demonstration park, located in the Gaoming District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province.
      The Gaoming Power Supply Bureau senior engineers applied the voltage and current full monitoring technology to eliminate electrical hazards before they happen.
      “We have already solved the problems before the clients discover.” Yunnan Power Grid Company, on the other hand, has creatively launched smart irrigation power sharing terminals, through which, farmers can pump water for irrigation by scanning the QR code. These provided efficient, reliable and convenient power supply for spring irrigation.
      China Southern Power Grid engineers regularly undertake the responsibility of providing consistent power supplies and make every effort to implement the measures of “Stability on the Six Fronts” (ensure stability in employment, financial operations, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment, and expectations) and “Security in the Six Areas” (ensure security in job, basic living needs, operations of market entities, food and energy security, stable industrial and supply chains, and the normal functioning of primary-level governments).
      During Year 2021, the total power consumption of the five southern provinces, under the responsibility of China Southern Power Grid, reached 1,450.6 billion kWh, of which the power consumption of the primary sector increased by 18.4% year-on-year, which highlights the resilience and vitality of its development.
      In addition, the Company made an annual investment of 39.8 billion RMB in the construction of the modern power grids in villages, which was conducive to consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and building its effective connections with rural revitalization.


      At the Red Rock Vegetable Cultivation Demonstration Base located in Guyang Town, Changshun County, Guizhou Province, a party member service team of the Changshun Bureau of CSG Guizhou Subsidiary was replacing old wiring for the base. At the moment, it is a critical period for the cultivation of seedlings. Since the temperature, light and humidity required for the growth of seedlings are all regulated by the mechanical equipment, power supply becomes a key element to proper growth.

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